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Velvet Coffee Wholesale

Colombian Specialty Coffee
100% direct sourced

Roasted and delivered by Velvet Specialty Coffee Roasters for your:

- First grinder coffee for espresso, lungo and milk coffees
- Second grinder coffee for the espresso afficionado
- Competition grade pour over or batch brew coffees
- Filter and espresso coffee bags of your selected coffees
- Your own home brand (OEM)

We cater to:

Coffee shops

Let us help transform your coffee shop into a destination for coffee lovers who seek more than just a regular cup of coffee, but a true coffee experience.


Equip your business with our top-tier, innovative coffee, perfect for crafting winning beverages in any setting. Our unique origins and varieties are selected with precision and creativity in mind, ensuring you have the edge in both quality and flavor.


Complement your dining experience with a coffee selection that leaves a lasting impression, from gourmet fine dining to relaxed brunch spots.


Make your event stand out with Velvet Coffee, ensuring every cup serves as a memorable highlight, whether for a corporate gathering, wedding, or festival.

Directly sourced, specially crafted

First Grinder Coffee

Our signature blend that is loved by all, featuring a versatile profile that shines both as a standalone espresso and when paired with milk. It's crafted for easy dial-in, helping you drive the profitability and efficiency of your coffee service.

Second Grinder Coffee

For the connoisseurs and adventure-seekers, our second grinder option focuses on single-origin specialty coffees and competition-level espressos. These are available custom roasted to suit your specific desire for uniqueness and quality.

Pour Over Selection

Discover our range of specialty coffees, including competition-level offerings, perfect for pour over single serve or batch brews. Bring a curated coffee experience right to your customers’ cups with these exceptional selections.

Specialty Coffee bags

Conveniently packed, our 250-gram coffee bags feature the our remarkable specialty coffee offerings, allowing your customers to take home the essence of Velvet Coffee. Perfect for retail shelves or as an add-on sale at the register.

Your Home Brand

Looking to create a signature coffee experience? With our OEM services, you can have your very own branded coffee in your store, coffeeshop, or restaurant. It's your unique blend, created with our expertise.

Why partner with Velvet Coffee?

Direct from Colombia

Our deep connection to Colombia’s vibrant coffee culture gives us unmatched access to exceptional coffee beans.

Medellin presence

We pride ourselves on our active role at events such as the prestigious PRF (Producers & Roasters Forum) in Medellin, where we connect with industry leaders and stay ahead of the curve in the global coffee community.

Own import

By handling the importation process ourselves, we maintain a seamless chain from our farmers' hands to yours, guaranteeing the freshest, most vibrant coffee offerings, free from unnecessary delays and quality compromises.

Own roasting

We roast in small batches, fine-tuning the process to highlight the unique profile of each coffee, ensuring consistency, and excellence in every batch.

Exclusive selection

We leverage our unique position to bring our partners the “best of the best” in coffee, straight from Colombia’s finest.

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