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Why do people buy one coffee over another?

In a world that constantly vies for our attention, we gravitate to the things that matter closely to us: vibrancy and cause. It's not just taste that matters, it's what catches our eye - what catches our heart.
Originating from Colombia and Belgium, our coffee melds the vibrant intensity of Latin beans with the refined subtlety of European blends. Every bag stands for a cause and tells a story, each rich with its unique flavor. The contents of each of our bags may change. But the soul? That's unwavering. Our dedication to meaningful causes remains the constant pulse in every blend. Here, flavor meets purpose. And you're invited to be part of the journey.

Let's have coffee

Single origin specialty coffee, green or roasted, is our pride and joy. We source straight from our farmer friends in the whole of Colombia and work with the most innovative and quality-minded coffee producers. We roast in our roasteries in Itagüí, Colombia and Jodoigne, Belgium.
If you’re interested in the best, honest-to-the-farmers, specialty coffee, we should talk. Please drop us a message:
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