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Café Velvet was born out of the idea that Colombian coffee tastes best in the country where it is produced and that there is an entire nation waiting to become brewing and tasting experts.  The best Colombian coffees should be readily available to those that for generations worked so hard to give the world these delicious brews.  
With this spirit in mind, we opened Café Velvet in 2014 in the beautiful El Poblado district in Medellin and became one of the iconic third wave coffee brands in the city.
Over time our ambition grew to be present along the entire coffee chain.
With this ambition in mind, we reinvest the proceeds of our Colombian operation in purchasing coffee directly from farmers.  We prepay 100% of our Colombian coffees and pay the farmers directly in their own currency.  From there the coffee goes in one straight line either to our roastery in Itagüí or to our roastery in Brussels.  
The roastery in Itagüí works exclusively for our Colombian “tienda de café”.  It gives us a thrill when our coffee producers walk into our Velvet coffee shop, and we enjoy a great chat on the latest novelties in our industry over a delicious brew.
Ilse in Colombia


Café Velvet is composed of a small team of coffee lovers and is 100% women owned.  It was founded by Ilse Geyskens in 2014.  She is responsible for the acquisition of our green coffee and oversees the operations in Colombia and Belgium.  The 12- member team in Colombia is managed by Valeria Cafiel (valeria@cafevelvet.co).  In Belgium, Ilse Geyskens (ilse@cafevelvet.co) and Phillip Vandervoort operate the roastery and manage the web shop. Vincent Fassaert (vincent@cafevelvet.co) is the commercial contact.
Team photo Café Velvet

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